Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Even Better Than the My Stuff App in Facebook!

If you have a shop on Etsy and you have a Facebook page then read this gem:


Now I have this awesome, full display of my entire Etsy shop on Facebook. I am so excited! Please take a look-see here:


Yay! Yay! Yay!

Thank Goodness For Free Tutorials

I am so amazed with how organized and helpful Etsy is in helping me set up my shop and an online presence. I've just discovered how to promote myself on Facebook. Thanks to "Art by Susmitha" of Etsy, there is a handy tutorial on how to go about promoting your Etsy shop through Facebook.

The main idea here is to create your own Facebook Fan Page

The application that puts your Etsy shop on display in Facebook is called My Stuff by a company called Gigya. If you're interested in checking the tutorial out for yourself, please look here:


If you'd like to see what this awesome tutorial did for me, and you have a Facebook account to see it, please check it out here:


Thank you "Art by Susmitha"!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Original For Sale

I usually have a hard time letting go of my originals. I'm ready to take the plunge and put the Duck and Lollipops up for sale. I just know this little guy will go to a good home.

It's tiny (just 6x4), but I spent a good 5-6 hours on it hunched over my drafting table. I'm a sucker for detail and perfection. It's mostly watercolor, but I detailed it with color pencils and gouache.

You can find him here: